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As a professional, working in the field of therapeutics and wellness, as well as being a recognized consultant to many large companies that offer rehabilitation services, I cannot stress enough the need for portable oxygen to be well-balanced, such as the Busy Breather. Tanks weigh at least 5 pounds or more and such, having that weight unevenly placed on one side of the body over one shoulder will, over time, impose uneven weight to individuals having had knee or hip replacements and ultimately may cause more respiratory stress caused by miss-aligning the upper body and lungs. When I design a specialized Tai Chi or Yoga program for geriatric health and safe ambulation, I insist that for safety reasons they only participate if they are wearing a back carried portable breather such as Busy Breather.

— Khadi Madama Rehabilitation Consultant Wellness & Stress Management (732) 341-1657
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The story behind the Busy Breathers oxygen backpack:

When my son was born three months premature, his lungs were severely underdeveloped. After he spent four months in the neonatal intensive care unit, I was very excited to finally get my little boy home. This happiness however was overshadowed by fear about my baby being on oxygen 24 hours a day for at least the next year if not longer. Along with this fear was my frustration of having to carry a purse, diaper bag, bottles, oxygen bag-along with my baby and equipment. I knew there had to be a better system to carry all of these items but I could find nothing available. Because of this frustration, I decided to design my own oxygen backpack so I would only have to carry one organized system. My backpack made my life a lot easier, especially since my son and I were on the go almost every day. I knew that this backpack would help mothers that have children on oxygen, as well as others that have to be on oxygen, get back to their busy lifestyle with more ease and efficiency.
Michelle Staley- Founder & CEO

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A local Colorado company designed a backpack for O2 on the go. 9NEWS
Boy’s early life struggles prove an inspiration.

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